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UHV Sputter

We are making a company of trust with a unified heart.
We provide Optical Tech Products through Ion Beam Coating Systems.
The models are classified according to the functions and specifications of the product.

UHV Sputter image
  • UHV Sputter image
  • UHV Sputter image
  • UHV Sputter image
Division Data
Vacuum Process chamber ~ 1 x 10-9 Torr after 10 days baking
Load lock chamber ~ 10-7 Torr less than 20 Min, from Atm.
Pumping system 2 TMPs with Rotary Pumps process & load lock individual
Cathodes Number of Cathodes 3(1 or 2 optional)
cathode size 2” Dia.
Power Source RF or DC
other possible cathode orientation tilting having module shutter having gas supply chimney
Susceptor Heat up 900 oC max
Heating method Using Halogen Lamp
possible to load, 4” whole wafer 2 by 2 cm pieces
Gas Supply & Pressure Control 3 MFC(Ar, O2, N2;optional)
VCR fitting & Auto welding
Pressure Control Up Stream Method
System Control PC Control (standard) Touch Screen (optional)
PLC Control (optional) Touch Screen (optional)
Manual Control (optional)
Utility Cooling Water 3 oC, 5kg/cm2, 5 liter/min
Compressed air 3 ~ 5kg/cm2
Power consumption 380V 3 Phase 5 kW/h, 220V 1 Phase10 kW/h

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