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Jig System

We are making a company of trust with a unified heart.
We provide Jig System for Vacuuming promotion tech.
The Jig System uses vacuuming promotion technology to increase the Super speed vacuum performance.

image 01

Reaching and maintaining a state of super-speed vacuum, which is stable near 100% around the clock, it maximizes job efficiency not only with reduction of vacuuming time and promotion of productivity for high quality products featuring over a 90% of removal of moisture within the chamber and much faster pumping speed but also with comfortable interior space caused by significant lower level of noise and vibration.

  • Single Dome Image Single Dome
  • Flip Over Image Flip Over
  • Segmented Image Segmented
  • Planetary Image Planetary
  • Revolution-Rotatio (E/beam) Image Revolution-Rotatio (E/beam)
  • Revolution-Rotation (Sputter / thermal) Image Revolution-Rotation (Sputter / thermal)

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