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Sub System

We are making a company of trust with a unified heart.
We provide Sub System, pump and chiller
Sub System, pump and chiller is used for effect coating technology.


Water vapor cryocooler pump

Reaching and maintaining a state of super-speed vacuum, which is stable near 100% around the clock, it maximizes job efficiency not only with reduction of vacuuming time and promotion of productivity for high quality products featuring over a 90% of removal of moisture within the chamber and much faster pumping speed but also with comfortable interior space caused by significant lower level of noise and vibration.

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Fast and powerful adsorption of over a 95% of moisture within the chamber and protective effect of contamination.
Significant reduction of vacuuming time and constant formation of vacuum.
Powerful cooling system lowering the temperature down to -160℃(±5℃).
Realization high productivity having brought superior quality that is suitable for customer needs.
Design so as to accommodate lower noise and vibration of -70dB.
Fast and powerful pumping capacity


Air Type Chiller image
Air Type Chiller

Can be freely installed and convenient to handle.
Display air type chiller operation condition.
Reservation operating function.
Adapted ultra precision temperature.
Malfunction auto detector & alarm device system.
PCB control system.
Separate control system(option).

Water Type Chiller image
Water Type Chiller

Adapted high-tech control method for maximum ability chilling proficiency and display malfunction energy reduction by way of using ultra precision temperature control.
Display the Operation of chiller.
Malfunction auto detector.
Alarm advice and subsidized light.
Time schedule function (per hour, daily, weekly).
Convenient to operating (can be operated for daily, continuously, pro-order, weekly and holiday).
Separate control system (option).

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