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Thin Film Deposition Control

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We provide Thin Film Deposition Control.
Thin Film Deposition Control is used for Coating Support Monitors


Physical thickness monitors

IC-6 image

The IC/6 Thin Film Deposition Controller maximizes process capability and flexibility for evaporation and other physical vapor deposition (PVD) processes.
Enhanced software and logic I/O features provide improved process control integration.

XTC/3 image

The XTC/3 is a closed loop process controller designed for use primarily in physical vapor deposition.
The XTC/3 monitors controls the rate and thickness of thin film depositions. This technique positions sensors in the path between, or to the side of, the target substrate and the source of vaporized material.

SQC-310 image

SQC-310 series instruments are multi-channel QCM-based deposition controllers. They provide a unique combination of accuracy and powerful features in a compact, low cost instrument.
The standard SQC-310 measures up to two quartz crystal sensors, and controls up to two evaporation sources.
Eight process control relays, and eight digital inputs are included to support a broad range of external devices.

Optical thickness monitors

OMD-1000 image

OMD-1000 has been developed to monitor the film thickness on the substrate in the coating process.
Chopped light reflects on the thin film and then the change of reflection is observed. It enables to control each layer precisely and to produce excellent optical components.

IL541 / 550 / 850 image
IL541 / 550 / 850

The IL550 Series of optical monitors are designed to be fitted to your coating chamber and integrated into your coating process.
And it provide real-time endpoint capability for a wide range of precision optical coating applications ranging from 300nm to beyond 12 microns.

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