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Electron Beam Source

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We provide Electron Beam Source.
Electron Beam Source is used producing optical multilayer film.


Univac electron beam gun applies an electron beam vertically onto the evaporant surface by electric and magnetic field.
The gun provides uniform energy distribution, making it ideally suited for deposition of oxides as well as sublimation material. And this gun holds multiple crucibles, it is used as a general purpose electron beam gun for producing optical multi-layer films.


Directly heats evaporation materials, thus assuring you of high thermal efficiency and enabling high-melting-point metals such as W, Ta, and Mo and oxides to be evaporated.
Employs a water-cooled copper crucible which, unlike resistance heating, does not cause evaporation material to react with the heater, thus allowing high-purity optical thin films to be produced.
Uses a tungsten filament as the electron-beam source.
Its running costs are very low compared to resistance heating.

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Division Data
Input power 3-phase 220V(±10%)
Sine wave
Output Accelerating Voltage: 4kV ~10kV
Emission current: 0~ 1.0A
Maximum output: 10kW
Deflection 180
Scan Frequency X-SCAN :50Hz
Y-SCAN :50Hz
Controller : 1EA
EBG power supply: 1EA
Gun (180˚)
Component Cable E1, E2 Cable : 1EA
HV Cable : 2EA
Sweep Cable : 1EA
Ground wire
Various Electron Beam Module and Crucibles (6, 8, 12, 24 pockets)
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