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Ion Beam Source

We are making a company of trust with a unified heart.
We provide Ion-technology(ION TECH) for coating.
DC ion beam source types are End-Hall type and Linear type.

본문 메뉴

End-Hall type

image 01
Ion Beam Source (End-Hall type)

Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD) has become well established as a means of improving optical performance, such as durability, stability with humidity and temperature, and better stoichiometry and reducing cost and defects.
Univac DC Ion Beam Source (End-hall type) can be operated during the deposition process to provide beneficial effects in thin film nucleation and packing density.

  • image 02
  • image 03 Power supply
  • image 04 lon Beam Source Controller

Increased film adhesion and density.
Control of film stoichiometry.
Higher index of refraction.
Low film absorption and scatter.
Smooth film interfaces.
Hard film abrasion resistant films.
Control of film stress.
Substrate surface activation.
Low temperature processing

Division Data
Anode Voltage 0 ~ 300V
Ion energy 200eV
Ion wdistribution angle 60˚
Filament diameter 0.375, 0.6mm
Filament current 0 ~ 30A
Filament material Tungsten
Anode cooling water flow Not less than 2ℓ/min
Anode current 0 ~ 9A
Recommended gas flow 10 ~ 30sccm
Dimension 139mm(D)*264mm(H)
Input voltage AC220V
Characteristic graph for Ion Beam Source
  • Characteristic graph for Ion Beam Source image 01
  • Characteristic graph for Ion Beam Source image 02
  • Characteristic graph for Ion Beam Source image 03 Operation Image of Ion Beam Source

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