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Sputtering System

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“SPUTTERING” is a vacuum process used to deposit very thin films on substrates.
We provide Sputtering Coating Systems.
The models are classified according to the functions and specifications of the product.

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Magnetron Sputtering System

Magnetron Sputtering System image 01

Reducing of pumping time by using effective Univac’s oil diffusion pump. Excellent uniformity & maximum production yields. Easy operation & maintenance. PC-based effective automatic system control for coating process. Increased film adhesion. Low temperature coating process available. Various color deposition according to used material.


Dimension : Φ1400×H1630, Φ1550×H1630 Magnetron sputtering target (3ea). DC pulse power supply for sputtering (20kW, 30kHz). Linear type ion source. DC power supply for ion source (5kW, normal). Low vacuum pump (Rotary & Booster pump). Vacuum gauge (2 Low & 1 High range). Deposition control by XTC according to deposition time. Gas flow by MFC (2 Ar, 2 O2 each). Heating system by micro heater. PC-based system controller. Cooling system (Polycold).High vacuum pump (Oil diffusion pump, 22”×2ea /option : Turbo molecular pump).

SPUTTERING” is a vacuum process used to deposit very thin films on substrates for a wide variety of commercial and scientific purposes.
It is performed by applying a high voltage across a low-pressure gas (usually argon at about 5 millitorr) to create a “plasma,“ which consists of electrons and gas ions in a highenergy state. During sputtering, energized plasma ions strike a “target”, composed of the desired coating material, and cause atoms from that target to be Ejected with enough energy to travel to, and bond with, the substrate.

image 01

USP 450

USP 45 image

The Univac sputtering deposition system, USP 450 incorporates 6 cylindrical targets in side wall for increasing deposition rate and multi-layer coating.
This system is provided with DC pulse or RF power round cylindrical cathodes. Vertically mounted substrates and cylindrical cathodes minimize particulate contamination during coating process.

  • Inside view of UPS 450 image Inside view of UPS 450
  • Cylindrical target image Cylindrical target
image 03
  • Image of plasma generation image Image of plasma
  • Cylindrical target image Cylindrical target
USP 450 information
System Model UPS 450
Chamber Chamber 516 x 628 x 914 H
Target room 370 x 170 x 914 H
Outlet room 516 x 526 x 360 H
Pumping System Oil Diffusion Pump 22" 1 set or TMP
Mechanical Booster Pump 1,200 m³/h
Oil Rotary Pump 3,000 l/min
Substrate Heater Max. 250 ℃ (substrate)
Power DC+RF, 10kW, 2set
Vacuum Gauge Controller High Vacuum Ion Gauge or Active
Low Vacuum Convection or Pirani
Deposition Controller Crystal Monitoring System
Optical Monitoring System
Target Cylindrical type 1 part 2ea, total 6ea
Cooling System 20RT

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