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Sputtering System

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AR/AF Sputtering System

AR/AF Sputtering System image

AR/AF coating by sputtering
Substrate cleaning by LIS
High density / Uniformity
High deposition rate
Process stability
Easy replacement target

image 01 Plasma Chamber wall
image 02
Front view drawing image
AR/AF Sputtering System information
Description Specification
Process Chamber Process chamber Vertical type
Material : STS304
Size : Ø1650mm x 1840mm
Substrate rotation & carrier Rotation Rotational type : Revolution and rotation
Exhausting system HV Pump Turbo pump
LV Pump Dry pump
Vacuum gauge Pirani gauge Low Vac Range :760torr ~ 3×E-4torr
Ion gauge High Vac Range :8×E-3 ~ 3×E-9torr
Cooling system Polycold Cold chiller
Heating system Outgasing purpose
Processing gas Control M.F.C MFC(N2,O2 100sccm)
APC : needle valve
Source Cylinderical Target Dual cylindrical target
Thickness: 10mmT
Sputter source End Block Power : up to 100kw DC or 80kw MF/AC
V/A : 1000V/225A
Magnet 70%↑ target Utilization, ±5% Uniformity
Ion Source Linear type 100mm(W) × 1,400mm(H)
10kw, Ar,O2 /500sccm
Thermal source Center pole 30kw
Electric /Control Electric power 3ph 220V/440V 60Hz
Control PC(HMI)+PLC(I/O) Programming
  1. AProcessing Chamber
  2. BSystem Controller
  3. CHigh vacuum pump
  4. DLow vacuum pump
  5. EWater vapor cryocooler
Plane drawing image

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