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IBAD System

We are making a company of trust with a unified heart.
We provide Optical Tech Products through Ion Beam Coating Systems.
The models are classified according to the functions and specifications of the product.

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UNIVAC 2000H image 01

One of Univac series, Univac-2000H system are best suited for the coating of the Helmet shield and Goggles for more safety pursued and protecting eyes.
The creating of the imporved thin film coating is achieved through Ion Beam Assisted Deposition.

2000H image 01 2000H image 02 2000H image 03
Front view drawing image
UNIVAC-2000H information
System Model UNIVAC-2000H
Process Chamber Ø2000×H1750
Pumping System Diffusion 28”×2sets or
Cryo Pump
22” x 2sets
Mechanical booster Pump 2,590㎥h-1
Oil Rotary Pump 292㎥h-1
Meissner Trap Polycold
Substrate Carrier Calotte Diameter 2,500mm
Substrate Heating Halogen Heater Up to 250℃
Evaporation Source Electron Beam Source 10kw
Thermal Source 1or2 boat type
Substrate Treatment Ion Source End hall type
Thin Film Thickness
Quartz Crystal Thickness Monitoring SQM
Optical Thickness Monitoring(optional) OPM
Utility Power 3ph 380/220V
Freequency AC 50/60Hz
Power 90kw(Max)
Water Pressure 2 ~ 4kgf/ ㎠
Air Pressure 5 ~ 6kgf/ ㎠
Floor Load Weight 9,000kgs(approx)
  1. AProcessing Chamber
  2. BSystem Controller
  3. CElectron beam power supply
  4. DIon beam power supply
  5. EHigh vacuum pump
  6. FLow vacuum pump
  7. GWater vapor cryocooler
Plane drawing image

As Korea vacuum coating system offers, UNIVAC is optical coating technology LTD

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